Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Post #250!

I was saving this post for something special but its been awhile ... so i guess posting something at all counts!

i finished Mermaid a while back and have worn her loads. I made the large size with modified shortened sleeves and she fits perfectly.

Luminen is in progress ... am changing the construction from bottom up to top down. I've just reached the point where the cable border traverses to form the top of the pockets. I'm knitting her in a deep green/blue which is a bit of a diversion for me ...

The kittens have all been gone to their new homes for a few weeks now ... see here for some pics of Hester and Toby. Hannah keeps me amused with tales of Patches and Loki.

The last few weeks I've managed to insulate under the ground floor of the house. This made a noticeable difference to the temperature with the exception of the dining room/library. I worked out why this is always cold and so is my room which is directly above it. This is because one of the air bricks is missing its cavity wall sleeve. This is an interesting one to retrofit ... So two weeks ago we started lifting the bendy chipboard floor that was down in the kitchen and replacing it with floorboards. G was a real star, he dug out all the nail heads in the old chipboard while i got to lay the shiny new boards. There's one more coat of varnish to go and then i can start planning the rest of the kitchen ...

I started my level 4 Senior Club trampoline coaching course on saturday. This will allow me to coach double somersaults and rudi (1 and 1/2 twisting front sommi) and full back (full twisting back sommi). There are a few people in the club who will benefit from this and the first day of the course went ok. Thanks to Amanda for being a volunteer pupil.

So once again (as always) life is hectic. I'm involved in running a clinical study as part of my work in the next few weeks which means early starts and late finishes. i thought i'd share a funny thing regarding this. G was applying for another TV show (a question of genius) and asked me to look over his application form before he sent it. Here is an excerpt from it

"Have you had any interesting jobs in the past?I’ve been in the same job for over 20 years though in that time I’ve seen some interesting sites. Recently, I’ve been a guinea pig that my wife has developed in the lab"

Well you learn something new every day!!!

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