Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Long time no blog ... my creative head has been in a strange place the last couple of months. I know why and I've done something about it but it might well take a while to fully resolve itself. A bit cryptic I know ...

Just back from holiday ... 2 weeks of walking in the Swiss alps. Managed to go over on my foot the first day ... 2 weeks later having walked 100 miles and climbed the height of Everest from sea level before deciding to get it xrayed. I've done a David Beckham and broken my fifth metatarsal. Its not too painful until I try and walk downhill.
Knittingwise I've nearly finished Mermaid (1 sleeve to go) and started knitting Luminen from the latest Twist Collective while on holiday. I've also nearly finished a Bargello quilt in silk for my father. I have a long list of knitting projects for this autumn.

The kittens are growing up fast. Two of them have gone to live with Hannah. The middle two on the picture below are going to I'll be sad to see them go but know that they've gone to fabulous exciting pussycat homes.

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Michelle said...

oh they are so adorable !!!