Sunday, February 22, 2009

So its been quite some time since I last posted .... I haven't forgotten and have been busy knitting. However I've been working hard and had a viral bug this past month which hasn't inspired me to use the laptop in my spare time. Having a lazy sunday afternoon as I still don't feel quite well and thought I'd pop to the Tav for a spot of WiFi.

Apologies for the rubbishness of my pics, I took them when DH was out last week so no action shots.
I finished the fecruary lady sweater. Its at least a couple of sizes too big but its cozy and sure got lots of compliments when I wore her out. I was debating whether she's a short dressing gown or a sweater coat. I think it looked ok with my grey suit trousers and a white shirt.

Knitted from Noro Shinano. 5mm needles. Used 10 Balls of yarn made 42" bust size.

I think i mentioned previously that I received Fitted knits by Stephanie Japel for Christmas. I decided to knitted the fitted suit first but the jacket and skirt I've knitted don't match (deliberately!) I'll make a complementary skirt to the jacket and a matching jacket for the skirt at some point.
The jacket is made from Noro Iro. 6.5mm needles. 600g Size large. I loved this pattern the shaping is very flattering and it looks smart. This also goes well with the grey trousers and white shirt. When I make the next one (I can't resist) I'll put a zip in rather than the hooks and eyes.

I've always been unsure of the concept of a knitted skirt. Probably because most of the patterns are quite flouncy and airy. I wanted a skirt that was short and flattering, and this is exactly how this turned out. Its quite a solid fabric without being too heavy. Its knitted out of New Lanark DK (two strands held together). Size medium (I'm smaller round the bottom than my top) and used about 450g. It hasn't made a public appearance yet as I need to sew in the zip.

The next FO was knitted from a pattern in the current VK magazine. I was searching everywhere for an appropriate Valentine's card for DH. I finally gave up in Borders and started browsing the knitting mags when I saw this pattern. I made these for DH instead of a Valentines card. He loves them although it hasn't really been cold enough to wear them in anger. Its the first time he's stroked something I've knitted for him. In return he gave me a card I will treasure forever and a beautiful Celtic ring. (sorry I had to be soppy about this because I was SOOO touched).

The gloves are knitted from Wendy Guernsey (2 strands held together) and used just less than 200g. I cabled without a cable needle which worked well with this yarn. Also the grey colourway is much less scratchy that the ecru (strange eh?).

My sister finally gave birth to a not so wee boy (over 9lb) and I knitted a couple of things for him. Some romper out of blue bamboo (had wrapped them up before I realised I'd forgotten to photograph them. I also made a long cardigan from Sirdar Baby Bamboo which turned out really well. (This was knitted on the knitting machine)

I'm currently knitting a v-neck jumper for DH and finishing the jumper for my older nephew (picture below)

This is a really rubbish picture of the jumper for him. I've nearly finished the neckband now and then just need to pick up stitches and knit the sleeves.

Finally some pictures of the cats as promised.
I give you cheeky Cocoa sitting very smartly.

Shy and sloppy Kenny who's half asleep.

Cocoa watching the TV

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Vonnie said...

Your work is fantastic! I've just bought enough wool to do the February Lady Sweater, if I start now I might just have it finished by next year ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon x