Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well you're probably bored of me going on about how busy work has been. Believe me the last couple of weeks have been off the scale ... but I'm pleased to report that I'm really proud of the work I've done. I have a report due in this thurs and a presentation to give next weds and after that things should (fingers firmly crossed) be a lot calmer. Most working days at the moment start before 7.30am and finish around 8pm!

I've been knitting. Last weekend I volunteered to teach knitting at the SECC Creative stitches show. It was a really rewarding experience if a lot less laid back than in previous years. It was great to catch up with some amazing people including Yvonne, Nancy, Pat, Alice, the ladies from New Lanark and Jamie Possum, and all the knitters from Gourock. There was one little girl I taught who really sticks in my mind. She was intelligent, sophisticated, witty, quick to learn ... and 6 years old!

I got a Bond Classic knitting machine the other week from a charity shop. I've had a play and love the way it knits up aran weight yarn. It was in brand new condition apart from keyplate 4 is damaged. trying to source some bits and pieces for it over here. Currently knitted swatches of Debbie Bliss Maya and some New Lanark Donegal tweed, both were easy to knit and look fab. The Bond is a very simple machine and I having learned how a knitting machine works on the Knitmaster helped a lot. i think it will be useful but the Knitmaster is definately my main machine.

No pics today as I left the camera at home ...

I finished the Spring meadow socks having found the half finished one I had lost.

Currently I've a lot of WIPs (in order of finishedness)

1. Baby cashcotton T-shirt (seaming and poppers required).
2. My nephews fishermans gansey (on second sleeve otherwise complete, needs finished by next thurs)
3. Black 4ply v neck for DH (needs sleeves)
4. Lilac merino cashmere spring sweater (needs sleeves and a minor mistake fixed)
5. Sewn suit - need to hem and tidy up seams
6. Debbie Bliss Maya jumper
7. New Lanark Donegal tweed coat (needed for next thurs ....)

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