Thursday, November 06, 2008

So here is a picture update

This is some handyed and spun merino. Its a sunset going from dark red to yellow and back through the skein. I haven't set the twist yet but have decided that its to become part of a scarf. I'm not sure how many yards there are but I have another 2 hanks of roving to spin if its required.

Here are the finished tam and mitts. These are amazingly warm and were worn lots in last weeks cold spell. The tam needs reblocked using a bigger dinner plate. Most of our plates are square which won't do!

Finished Rogue. She's been worn lots already, mostly because for a week or two she was my only winter sweater. DH likes her too. He's asked for one in black ... not sure that would do the celtic cables justice.

This is the lap quilt I was talking about last time. Its called syncopated rhythm. I just have to find the time ... no the patience to finish the mitred corners.

and a close up.

I recently bought a walking foot for my sewing machine and its proved fantastic. A walking foot replaces the normal sewing foot and feeds all three layers together at once thus preventing runkles in the bottom fabric.
Knitting wise I have the sunset scarf in progress and some cute and very pink baby things (knitted in vintage Templetons bri-nylon Quickerknit to a 1950's pattern).

I've got the knitting machine set up just now as I'm hoping to knit the tilted duster in 4ply. This pattern will involve me befriending the ribber. I've tried to use it unsucessfully a couple of times but see it as a challenge.
My next sewing project will either be a cover for the ribber or a Laurel Burch Fanciful feline quilt. I need to find the fabric for this (was packed a while back) so it'll probably be after we move.
I haven't forgotten about the contest. I've been collecting things for a while now including cashmere yarn, handspun silk/baby camel/wool, hand dyed roving, hand combed fleece and some dark chocolate. Watch this space for a little longer.


LUL said...

You sure have been very productive! Looks fantastic.
So sorry to hear about the buyer :-( Hope another one shows up really really soon!

ikkinlala said...

Your projects look great!