Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I don't really know where the last month has gone ...

It's been a busy and somewhat stressful time. Nothing has progressed with the house sale although we've had a few viewers round. I guess its a sign of the times with mortgages being so hard to come by.

On the knitting front I've finished the sunset scarf and matching mitts and need to spin some more yarn for the hat. Otherwise I've a few christmas presents on the go that I really must finish off

I always like to spend more time in December and January crafting (partly because the weather is usually miserable), so here is my wishlist of things I'd like to progress in the next couple of months.

- top down raglan for DH
- february lady sweater (cardigan) for me
- something lacy (need to dig out pattern books from storage)
- Laurel Burch bountiful blessings quilt
- Laurel Burch Fanciful felines quilt
- Sewn suit (I have the pattern, need to choose fabric)

Otherwise, have been out in the wintry conditions we've had these past few days. On sunday DH and I climbed Ben Ledi in the snow which was beautiful with stunning views and a bitterly cold wind. We've also been out running, last night we ran about 8.5km along very icy pavements which was interesting. The other day we were caught out in a hailstorm which I found exhilarating ... DH didn't agree.

I'll post some pics of my projects in the next few days (have to charge camera battery). ... must dash.

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