Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So we found out last wednesday that our buyer couldn't sort out his finances and we're back at square one.

After a chat with a very pessimistic estate agent we were meant to have two people round to view last night. Only one of them turned up. We'll see what happens. On the up side the flat is now spotlessly tidy.

The last few weeks have been a complete emotional rollercoaster (mostly work related not moving) and I feel completely drained. To cheer myself up I made a lap quilt top on sunday as I couldn't find my knitting needles (found them now ... for some reason I'd put them in the bottom of the wardrobe) in bright and cheery batik colours. I'm charging up the camera just now so they're be some pictures. I suddenly realised last night that I've been quite productive with craft things these past few weeks but haven't posted about them.

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The Knitted Squirrel said...

Sorry to hear about your move being postponed. I will say a little prayer for you.
Glad to hear that you have been busy crafting though!