Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MISSING: the guy that's buying our house

REWARD: my sanity

AAARGH ..... everything is ready for the move (except defrosting the freezer and cleaning the bathroom) and we still have no definates.

The solicitor of the guy buying our house says everything is ready but he needs instruction from his client to sign the final piece of paper. Without this we can't buy our new place. On the purchasing side we finally saw some action last week, we received the qualified acceptance and land certificate. ... and good news that there is no restriction on keeping chickens, sheep or goats (my solicitors words, he doesn't know about my sheepie habits!)

Today was always going to be a really stressful day without this. Hopefully by the time my morning meeting finishes they will be some news ... anything will do ... I hate being in limbo.
Currently my gut instinct is going between its all going to be alright to its all fallen through.

Worst of all for my sanity is that knitting is getting rationed as I've nearly finished the tam. This is the last piece of knitting I wanted to finished before moving.

Rogue is finished as are the mittens and socks!

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Penny said...

I'll send good thoughts your way - I hope your day goes well :)