Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well a month has passed. Its been a really stressful time, mostly due to work. I love my work and in a lot of ways my job is a complete dream, until you factor in my boss. I've worked for her for a long time and for ages things were ok but in the last year at times she has been completely unreasonable.

In contrast I feel quite relaxed about the move, given that nothing official has been signed yet. The conclusion of our purchase was delayed by the sellers and the sale of our property is being delayed by the buyers solicitor. I guess this is a sign of the economic turmoil going on just now. Its a case of really bad timing ... I KNOW! Theoretically and hopefully the date for which everything will come together is the 17th october!!!

The biggest highlight of the last month was the arrival of a completely unexpected package from LUL. Look at the beautiful scarf she designed and knitted for me.

She's so talented. I wore it on friday as it was our 4th wedding anniversary and DH took me out for a lovely sophisticated meal.

I have been knitting like crazy these past few weeks. Its been a combination of necessity and a coping strategy. I realised a few weeks back that autumn had arrived and all my warm clothes were in storage. The only thing I had was a scruffy cardigan.

Here are some fair isle mitts (just need blocking and ends weaving in). These are the Weisdale mitt pattern and yarn from Jamieson and Smith.

Rogue (40 rows to go on the hood). This is made from 10 skeins of Debbie Bliss Maya that was lurking in my stash waiting for the right pattern.

I finished my Noro socks a while back and they were packed with my other handknitted socks almost immediately after their first wearing. I love the way they've turned out. They go perfectly with my purple doc martens.

I started knitting some socks from my latest batch of handyed yarn that I've called flower meadow. They're knitting up quickly given they are knee socks.

and here's an action shot of a 3/4 straight front somersault.

The past few weeks I've realised how much I value my knitting friends. In particular, LUL, Vonnie, Angela and Hannah (who's blogless). Vonnie and I have met up the last couple of sundays for gossip and knitting which has been great. Also a big thanks to Angela for her support these past few months and also for pointing me in the direction of Debenhams for a fitted suit.


Vonnie said...

It really has been brilliant meeting up the last few weeks. Thank you so much for your support on Sunday too, it was very much appreciated.

LUL said...

I'm glad you liked it :-) And I look forward to see the Rogue when it's all finished and blocked. I like the colour.