Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well all your good vibes did it ....

FOUND: 1 buyer

Got a call last night to say that the buyer had finally been in touch with his solicitor. The news wasn't great in that he's struggling to get his deposit. Apparently he has a meeting with the bank today where he'll find out if he can make his finances work. I feel uneasy about this but our solicitor and estate agent have both reassured us that this situation happens occassionally and usually works out OK in the end. Fingers and toes are crossed. We may have to delay by a week. Ho hum.

I have another very scary meeting this morning and then the pressure at work eases off for a while.

I finished the tam last night. Its blocking now after a frantic hunt to find a proper dinner plate (rather than the paper ones we've been using the past few days).

Its sad when you have a no knitting to hand! Must raid our storage unit for something from my stash ... anything will do!

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