Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The happy dance continues ...

I have so much to talk about, its been a completely crazy week.

Shetland was fantastic.

Came back and guess what? ....

Yes we've sold the flat subject to concluded missives (should be sorted this week) and we've had an offer accepted on the house we'd fallen in love with. YIPEE! I love the Scottish property system (just not the estate agents!) it works so quickly and once the contract is binding that's it.

Our moving date has been set for mid october so there's a minor panic at the moment trying to get things sorted.

Shetland was amazing, the weather was perfect!

I cycled to Sumburgh ... the rabbit in the picture watched me eating my lunch.

I spent some time aroung Lerwick and was very excited to see the Whalsay (UK research boat) in the harbour. I'd read a lot about her when I studied an Open University oceanography course a few years ago. She's gorgeous.

I spent some time at Jamieson and Smith, Loose Ends (the Lerwick LYS and also apparently the biggest yarn store in Scotland ...well worth a visit ... the owner also runs the Shetland fudge shop over the road) and also the Lerwick museum. The textiles exhibition is very involving, I spent over 3 hours poring over just the lace and fair isle exhibits. There were some ladies from the WSD and I met Hazel Tindall (the world's fastest knitter) and I had a go at a traditional Shetland spinning wheel. I didn't buy much yarn but got the kit for the Weisdale tam and mittens. I've finished the mittens but the tam is taking forever on small needles.

I'd like to go back to Shetland with some more time to visit Yell and Unst. I'll wait until the new textile museum opens in Walls sometime next year. Anyone else fancy it?

I came home to find my vegetables (and the weeds) had put on a growth spurt in all the rain we've had these past few weeks. I've also found myself strangely attached to my vegetable patch and am dissappointed that I won't harvest the brussel sprouts or jerusalem artichokes before we move. The new place has a much larger south facing garden but is mostly gravel at the moment so will take some work to get vegetables next year. I've also mentioned chickens a few times to DH but we'll need to check the deeds to house if we're allowed to get some.

The weather forecast left me with a dilemma, to dye or not to dye. Last week the decision was made for me. I was nearly good to go when the estate agent phoned to say that the viewer from Monday wanted to come back for a second viewing (this is the person that then made us the offer). The forecast for saturday was poor but turned into an ok day after all so I was dissappointed I wasn't organised. I decided to go for it on sunday and it was a great day (I even got a bit sun burnt). I got around 20kg of yarn and roving dyed and its drying at the moment. I think I'll not be doing anymore until we're settled in the new place. There's so much from this batch that I think I won't be able to part with .... especially some purple sparkly laceweight. I'll take some more pictures once its all dry.

I haven't forgotten about the promised contest ... I guess lots of other things have distracted me. I did finally post my PIF gifts the week before last and am hoping they haven't got caught up in Canadian customs. I'm hoping my PIF pals like what I've made for them.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the house sale! That's fantastic news Jen, well done. Give me a shout if you need a hand to move.

I'd totally be up for a trip to Shetland by the way, I've never been and I really do think I should be exploring more of my country.

Re: Chickens. Ask your solicitor to remove the clause if you're not allowed to keep chickens, it shouldn't be too big a deal :)