Thursday, July 17, 2008

House moving- estate agent woes

Well we instructed our agent (Slater HH ... anyone in Glasgow should be able to work out who it is) on Monday. A women and a guy came round to take pictures and measure up. They promised us to be on the market within 24 hours, a for sale board by wednesday and send they'd send a draft PDF of the schedule by last night.

Here we are on thursday morning and they're about to get sacked. (I am very disappointed as fickle as I am fancied having a purple for sale sign) There are many reasons for this:

1. Not on market

2. No for sale sign

3. The draft schedule they sent was a joke. There were no pictures and the English was hilarious (for example "Bathroom with three piece suite, wc, wash hand basin, bath and two double bedrooms" .... does anyone know of a house that has 2 double bedrooms in their bathroom? .... or "turn left into Rodger Drive, proceed to the end taking left and right into Kings Park Avenue" ... wouldn't want my viewers getting dizzy going round in circles outside the Kings Park Hotel!

4. They asked me to re-write the schedule if I was unhappy with it.

5. After phoning their office 4 times and visiting in person 3 times they still don't know who we are. Yesterday the same girl asked me for my mobile number each of the 3 times I phoned even though they were only about 5 mins apart.

6. They keep addressing me as Miss X even though I have always been in with DH and always talk as we. I don't mind if they call me Mrs even though on their records I'm Dr. Oh and why did they demand a complicated explanation as to why I kept my maiden name .... grr (rant over). They haven't demanded the marriage licence just yet ... but that's a rant for another day.

6. Their office staff didn't seem to have any confidence in their ability to sell our flat. They keep apologising for the market etc.

7. Communication ... they keep saying oh we'll phone you back in 5 mins and never do!

Anyone feel like a virtual hug!

Have been to busy these last few nights to take pictures of the cropped cardie and half. I finished the cardie at knit group on tuesday evening and am just weaving in the last few ends.

I'm not sure if I mentioned I got 13 balls of DB Cathay in the John Lewis sale a few weeks back. Well I started knitting with it and realised that it had been completely and inconsistantly overplyed. I tried to get something useful from designer yarns (the distributor) to no avail. Ended up taking the 12 complete and 1 partially knitted ball back and John Lewis swapped them for me for some DB Stella. Fantastic service!


Penny said...

How frustrating for you, and very unprofessional on their part! I hope you find a better agent!

The Knitted Squirrel said...

I'm sorry you have been having a trying time with the realtor.
I am sending you a Virtual Hug in hopes that the situation improves!