Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For Sale

Well our flat is now officially for sale. It seems like we're only just beginning but that we've been at it forever. It also feels scary given the current economic situation and also we don't have anywhere to move to if we do get an offer. Currently knitting (and a bit of spinning) are keeping me calm. I have a few things to show ... tomorrow.

We've been looking at houses and I thought it would be fun to write a little about each one from a fibrey point of view, especially as each one has been totally different from the one before.

HOUSE 1 - Cottage set in 1/4 acre of land. It had 2 outbuildings which had hot/cold water and electricity (perfect for dyeing). It was in a rural setting with sheep in the field behind. The house needed quite a bit of work (which would be fun) but would probably need extending in the longer term as it was on the small side. This is currently on the short list.

HOUSE 2 - 1960's property, large gardens. nice size. Needs some work but this could be done slowly over a few years. We both liked this one, except that it was on a busyish residential street rather than away from it all and that it lacked a fibre room for me. I guess it has potential for an outhouse or two in the gardens. This has been our favourite so far. Its also for sale by an elderly couple who had lived there since it was built. I like that. This is also on the shortlist.

HOUSE 3 - 19th century traditional cottage set in large garden (jungle). This was a bit of a pipe dream. It was gorgeous with lots of original features, but would need new plumbing and re-wiring the day we moved in. There was some damp but that may be due to breach of the DPC. There were two huge attic rooms with great natural light, one of which would be perfect for me. Unfortunately DH thinks this is too much work and additional cost ... he's probably right.

HOUSE 4 - this was a modern detached bungalow and felt too perfect for both of us. I think we realised that we're looking for a quirky property with a slightly unpredictable layout and something with character.

We have some more viewings organised for later this week but I guess we'll have to keep our fingers crossed that we get a buyer for our flat soon.

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