Friday, June 13, 2008

This has been a really busy week, last weekend we spent finishing a few jobs around the house. We have a new garden gate, a tidy garden, painted stairwell and nearly finished the dividing wall in our loft. We've also started packing and realised how many books we own. So far I've packed up 16 boxes of non-fiction ones. Our new bed arrived yesterday and it was simple to assemble given the complete lack of any instructions apart from a picture of how the finished version should look.
Knittingwise I'm currently stressing over a lace edging that has to be finished by 5pm tonight ... and I'm going through to Edinburgh today with work so its unlikely I'll get any time to work on it. Its for a present for my friends S and T who get married tomorrow. The wedding is being held somewhere near Peebles, let's hope it doesn't rain.
Oh and finally my Ravelry badges came yesterday ... YIPEE.

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The Knitted Squirrel said...

We moved last August after being in our house for 12 years. I couldn't believe the stuff we had! We ended up clearing alot of it out! I can totally relate you what you are going through!
Good Luck!