Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This week saw the start of our rental agreement with the storage company. We've moved alot of things into storage which has worked really smoothly so far. I've begun cleaning the house and our bedroom is now spotless ... it seemed to take forever.

Here's Kenny posing in a box that says "without L-glutamine" on it. I think he thought we were going to pack him into storage too!

I'm heading to Woolfest on friday and then to A and A's wedding near Preston. I'm hoping to get some interesting fleece and other goodies ... watch this space!

I've been spinning A LOT recently. It really helps keep me calm and centred when there's so much going on around. I have 4 full bobbins ready for plying. Two are of the multicoloured silk hankies I dyed a few weeks back and two of hand dyed and combed cheviot fleece from 2007 shearing. I've also toyed with making some novelty yarn after buying the book Intertwined by Pluckyfluff. Unfortunately trying to spin paper shreddings was hugely unsuccessful as both cats wanted a big part of the action.
Silk hankies bobbin 1

Here is some gradient dyed Shetland wool. I've planned that is self striping, I think I'll use it for a mock fairisle project ... maybe

Finally to my PIF pals ... I haven't posted your parcels yet (Vonnie I'll bring yours to knit group) due to the mayhem ... but I haven't forgotten.

Also watch this space for a contest ... coming very soon.


Mary deB said...

Let's see... My friend Sally is a friend of a friend of yours, and sent me pictures of your dyeing. Beautiful colours! I have done the odd skein in Kool-Aid, but no "real" dyeing.

Anyways, hello, nice to meet you, and I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Have you guys found somewhere else yet?