Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thistle pictures and woes

I know I've promised thistle pictures for AGES, and it feels like I've been trying to photograph her for ages too with little success. At this time of year it is dark from 4pm at night until 8.30ish in the morning and the past few weeks the weather has been miserable meaning its been dark for most of the day too. I've tried to find ways to show her off but with little success. Here are a couple of pics, with a promise of some outdoor shots soon.

First one taken by dh.

Secondy ... I give you thistle on a trampoline! (modelled by H)

Remember the parcel LUL sent me last week well it included some beautiful yarn that I opened the day before yesterday its purple and the same yarn as thistle (Fonty Kidopale) but a different colour more blue/purple which will become something special and lacy when I manage to make my mind up!

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