Friday, November 23, 2007

SSS Swatch

Here is the swatch for SSS blocked...

It's a little over 12.5cm by 10cm. Its in Shetland supreme yarn which knits to a similiar gauge to Zephyr
At this size the estimate for the overall SSS size is approx 65cm wide.

Finally I was prescibed a dose of spinning ... just 10mins per night for the last 3 weeks. Here is the resulting single (merino). I managed to break the drive band on my wheel last night (it was overall a REALLY bad day) so need to fix before I can spin up the second bobbin and then ply.

Just realised I forgot to take pictures of thistle ...


Anonymous said...

That merino is a gorgeous colour. Your swatch looks so intricate! I'd have put my hand though it if I'd been knitting it.

Tally said...

Maybe stupid question: 10 cm is the height and 12,5 cm is for the width. This I figure from the pictures.
I'm a little bit confused because I would read/write first the width, second the height, but I don't know if there is a set definition.
Thanks for the swatch and your work with the spring surprise.