Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So Thistle is blocked. I'll unpin her tonight and then there will be pictures tomorrow. She's turned out the perfect size and the vandyke edging works ok (I was quite worried about this). Will get dressed up and flaunt her soon.

Remember I was stressing about a grant application in September? The good news is that I've got over the first hurdle but have been selected to give a presentation and panel interview next friday ... I'm not panicking just yet.
Otherwise things are ticking over just fine. I'm knee deep in test knitting (which is fun) so there aren't any knitting pictures to show. I have been looking at the pictures of the SSS swatches that have appeared and will try and comment on them when there's time. I'm working on the next piece about lace knitting. I plan to talk about yarn overs or yo.
In preparation for this here's a question .... and there's a little prize (leave a comment here with your answer)
a) What is the largest number of consecutive yarn overs without a stitch in between that you've knitted?
b) Send me some test knitting vibes by counting to 138 and then SMILE knowingly.


Reb said...

a) Only 2, and that's when I was designing/experimenting!
b) Done. :) This was surprisingly hard.

Anonymous said...

a)Three I think :S
b)I got to 74 twice, then 138. Ha!

Radka said...

a) two. then I think on next row I did k,p an increase. If you mean yo where next row just one stitch in whole set, then only one.
b) ;) did it.

(I'm on SSS)

The Knitted Squirrel said...

a) 2 yo's only
b) I did it!

LUL said...

a) me too just two.
b)I am counting along with you!!