Wednesday, November 28, 2007

...I know I keep making promises and haven't got round to them just yet.

I've got a HUGE presentation to give on friday at work. I suppose it could be considered the crux of my career and therefore I've been ignoring certain things until its done. The test knitting is keeping me sane at the moment.

I haven't taken pictures of thistle because the weather has been miserable here and wanted to flaunt her.
I have somthing exciting to go home to tonight ... I collected to LARGE parcels from the post office this morning from LUL in Denmark.
Kenny chose the prizewinners to my little contest (pieces of paper put into a bag and pull out names) he choose two of you. I'll be in touch to get addresses etc so I can post something to you. The most consecutive yo I've knitted was 26 which gave an interesting effect. I'll be back with the info on yo soon.
Finally ... a rough estimate for the SSS width is to multiply your swatch width by 6.2.
I'll be back to normal at 2pm GMT on friday!!!!

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Anonymous said...

26?!! Jeezo, is that not an absolute nightmare?

Luck luck luck for Friday, you'll be in my thoughts