Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today I still have camera issues ... DH has gone away for a week molecular biology summer school and taken the camera with him!
However my SP10 Lene http://lulsblog.blogspot.com sent me some lovely purple flowers to cheer up the blog. How good is that!!!

I spent time last week stressing about my latest trampoline coaching exam so I didn't have much time for knitting. Unfortunately I only found out when I had driven 30 miles to Livingston that British Gymnastics had cancelled the exam! At least I have until the end of August to relearn the muscle groups!
This meant that I had time on saturday to wash and scour the Jacob fleece and weave (on my peg loom) part of a rug with the Hebridean fleece I'd washed earlier in the week. Its looking good ... don't worry I've taken pictures of the sheepie process.
I also got the Kromski loom assembled (its lovely) and will attempt warping it tonight. Its a holiday weekend here at university this coming weekend so no work on friday or monday!!! ... time for lots of knitting, weaving and sheepies!

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LUL said...

I might not be the biggest fan of purple yarn (so far) but I just love purple flowers!