Wednesday, July 11, 2007

confession .... went out at lunchtime to the JL sale. Came back with 1.5kg of yarn. ... oops! They have a sale twice a year and everything is at least 50% off! Have added it to the stash in so you can get an idea of what I got. At least DH is away so I can hide it before I get a lecture!


LUL said...

wow! WOW!!!! 1,5 kg!!! I'll never again feel bad about buying 16 ( I mean 33) skeins at once! And you managed to do it all during a lunch break!! Even more wow!
I'm trying to imagine you looking all wild and throwing skein after skein into the basket -well..that's how I would look!
I loooove sales!

LUL said...

By the way...went by the postoffice today ;-) I am sure the postman will wonder what it is, -it makes a funny sound!

purplejen said...

Didn't use a basket! :-)