Thursday, July 05, 2007

Firstly an apology for no photo's, even after lengthy negotiations the camera and pc aren't talking. Will try different pc later on.
A BIG thanks goes to Wingham Wool Work for my Kromski Harp loom. It arrived yesterday (I ordered it on Saturday) although I was expecting it only after a few weeks as their warehouse was flooded last week. I was a good girl, I've left the box for unpacking once I've dealt with the fleeces.
I washed the Hebridean fleece firstly in cold water for a few hours and then a soak in hot soapy water for 20 mins, then left it to dry for 2 days. Last night I started combing it into sections using a cat brush which was relatively easy. I wasn't sure about the quality of this fleece when I bought it as it was rolled up and impossible to inspect. However a 2kg fleece for £1.50 was too good to miss. Its perfect, very little vegetable matter (vm) and has mostly been skirted already with nice long staples and softer than I imagined. I'll finish the combing tonight and get started on the Jacob over the weekend. I'll then have time to play with the loom next week while DH is away.
Knitting wise I've been plodding on with the Hap shawl, I've done 5 rounds of the inner edging. I've also been knitting a felted book (to hold my knitting accessories), so far the cover is done.
I'm stalking the postman every day for my SP10 reveal parcel, I'm sure he thinks I fancy him! Secret Pal I'm interested to know who you are!

Finally yarn totals for June.

Yarn in = 0 (zero, zilch!!) how good is that ... not counting 2 sheepie fleeces, 400g of roving.

Yarn out = 1375g

Total for year to date = 10.225kg

Yarn stash stands at14.225kg

I have knitted with 45% of my total stash


LUL said...

Your selfcontrol amazes me! I would unpack in 30 seconds. Or maybe not. It's always nice to have something to look forward to. Your final SP parcel sure taught me that!
Look forward to see pic of the fleeces. Sounds like a lot of work!

your secret pal said...

I am really sorry the parcel hasn't turned up yet! I posted it during the last week of June and am very worried...I sure hope it turns up this week...!