Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Well there are no photos today as DH has the camera but I have finished several things. SO pictures to follow tomorrow

Firstly the New Lanark bag has been felted and is wrapped ready to give to its recipient

Then I made two other bags one felted and one not.

AND finally remember ages ago my SP10 sent me some special handyed wool and I was looking for a special project ... well ... I used one skein to knit a pair of cozy slippers/socks will have picture tomorrow. I am so pleased with them they are wonderfully warm, fit perfectly and the wool is even more wonderful when knitted up. I have another skein of this wool left and I was thinking matching armwarmers for when I knit in bed/in the tent in the winter.

I keep trying to make progress with the blossom jumper but motivation is lacking (I know I promised a competition ... be patient with me)

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your secret pal said...

Yohooo!!! I am still alive and kicking!!! And so happy to hear the yarn found a proper project!!