Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Busy crazy week

There's been a bit of an absence from blogging during this past week. Fear not I haven't stopped knitting ... in fact its knitting that's kept me sane. It's been a crazy week, last week was horrible at work ( I usually love my job) and really busy at night. I've been trampolining and coaching a lot recently as I'm working towards my next level up in fact all weekend and last night was spend at it. I find it very rewarding but time consuming as well. We went to see the Proclaimers musical "Sunshine on Leith" which was fantastic, but it was too dark to knit.
Saturday was national knit in public day. This is something I do anyway but here's where I knitted:
On the underground
At the trampoline course
In a second hand bookshop
In the tea shop
At the supermarket
In the pub
Finally I will have pictures tomorrow. DH gave me the camera just now so finally I can share my last few FO's with you. I have knitted another bag and quite a bit of the Shetland hap shawl since last writing.

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