Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stash Audit for end of may.

Yarn purchases during May = 3.3kg
Yarn used from stash for May = 1.275Kg

Total for year (to date) in = 8.85Kg
out = 10.2Kg

Total stash now stands at 15.6kg!!!!!

Remember how ages ago I said it would have to be 15kg at the end of June for me to buy my spinning wheel .... well I'm nearly there ... and its not yet the end ogf June .... HOORAY!!!!

So this year I have used up a total of 39.5% of my total stash.

I know its probably a bit boring for you to read but it makes me realise that about 15kg of stash is about right for me to always have something I want to knit and it less than 1 years worth of knitting!

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