Thursday, June 21, 2007

Up to row 280 of 340 on the hap shawl ... and its looking amazingly symmetrical! Just swatching to see which colour combinations are best for the edging. Sadly though it won't be ready to wear to Woolfest. BTW is anyone going to Cockermouth next weekend?

I've given up on somersaults for now ... but can nearly bounce roll which is much more fun!

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LUL said...

It's 6.30 in the morning and I got out of bed 1 hour ago to open your parcel. lol.
THANK YOU soooooo much. You have done it again, made a fantastic parcel. I love every single bit of it, espcially the shawl -it is so beautiful. (I have to admit I was secretly hoping to get a shawl from you!) I'll wear it tonight when we go to visit some friends for our usual get together (june 23rd is Skt. Hans day, we have a big fire and burn a witch/send the witches off to Bloksbjerg where all the witches live)
I'll get back to you later on my blog. Right now I better get some breakfast -my stomach feels little funny after starting out with chocolate at 5.45 in the morning!
I look forward to go through the rest of your blog later (already had a big peek)