Monday, June 25, 2007

There is a bit of a theme developing here.

Firstly the hap shawl, I've completed the centre diamond, picked up 408 stitches and knitted one round.
Doesn't sound like a lot but picking up the right number of stitches took forever.

Finished another bag in my handyed wool ready for felting along with the slippers I made last week and then there will be pictures. (mental note: will also take photo of needle felted picture made from not frogged WIPS). This is to show myfantastic downstream SP10 LUL she blogs at

Finally somersaults. Did you really believe I'd given up on them? I was back at them last night and they seem fixed for the time being.

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LUL said...

Look forward to see the pics.
Picking up stitches, argh, awfull job. Had to pick up around 300 for the collar on a bolero once and that nearly killed me!