Friday, June 29, 2007

I finally managed to get DH to lend me the camera. It was really to take some pictures of my work but I sneaked a coupleof needle felted ones in.

This is a small hanging made from felted WIPS. The background is a jumper in hand dyed wool which was pooling lots (this disappeared on felting) and the whale was the start of a lace shawl with too many mistakes and impossible to frog.

I like making needle felted animals for applique to my knitting for children. I haven't a picture of any cats at the moment because I've run out of suitable roving. As its Woolfest this weekend I'll be getting some more and then there will be cats!

No blogging until tuesday due to Woolfest! HAVE FUN!

1 comment:

LUL said...

It looks great. Look forward to try it out.
Hope you had a nice woolfest and found the right wheel!