Thursday, May 17, 2007

Here are some pictures. Firstly the Shetland Hap shawl centre square rows 1-108. The yarn is Alchemy Haiku, needle size 4mm. This is progress by day 4. I have another 14 days knitting before blocking must commence. I like a challenge. The centre square is made up of 340 rows so a LONG way to go! It is knit backwards and forwards before picking up stitches all round and finishing by knitting in the round. This doesn't look too bad given its unblocked shrivelled raisin state!

And a close up.

Finally remember that fringed throw I finished the other week in Rowan chunky print. Kenny says its all his!

Haven't got pictures of the mitred squares as the light hasn't been very good here the last few days. Its been raining like mad (btw anyone who saw the UEFA cup final last night and all that rain, that was about 1km from here)

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