Friday, May 18, 2007

Uneventfully made it to row 126 of Shetland Hap. Must remember to buy dental floss as run out and think a lifeline at this point would be sensible (me ..... sensible????).

Still waiting for my Colinette order to arrive (all 3.3kg of it). Its to knit a wedding present for a friend, some for my SP10 and some for stash. The parcel service (not Royal Mail) left a card for me with very restrictive options on it. They would try and redeliver twice (had to call premium rate line to organise this) and this could be anytime in the next 5 working days or I could pay 10+ vat and have it arrive on a morning or afternoon of my choosing. Grrr.

As I've finished with mitred squares and dishcloths for now, and as my upstream SP10 was talking of felted bags I thought I would make one in New Lanark remnants (this is my in the car knitting).

Talking of my upstream pal, she's taken the 52 pair plunge, isn't that amazing! Well the new IK and influence of my SP10 have convinced me that I must knit (toe up) socks after the bag is finished. ... watch this space.

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