Monday, May 14, 2007

Some knitting accomplished this weekend while on long car journey to DH's graduation in Harrogate. I finished the Kureyon square I was working on using up the last of the kureyon and silk garden in my stash (will lay squares out together and take picture tonight). I also used up 2 balls of dishcloth cotton knitting .... discloths!

Confession 1: Still haven't made any real progress on the blossom jumper (still needs 20 rows of the back and 2 sleeves)

Confession 2: Started something waaaay down on my 'to knit' list ... just felt like it. It was the hooded shawl from Nicky Epsteins Knitting beyond the edge in New Lanark Blueberry. The first pattern repeat was a nightmare but the second seems easier now I can see where its going

Confession 3: I bought a dress to wear to my friends wedding (on 2nd June) knowing that I would have to knit the Shetland hap shawl for it. So started work on that last night. It's going to be .... PURPLE!

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your secret pal said...

How fun to read about silly projects...haven't tried dishcloths yet!
And your hap shawl will be gorgeous, I just know!