Friday, February 23, 2007

Well .... Curve of Pursuit is finished (knitting) still have ends to weave in and then there will be pictures. I cast off all 900 stitches last night and its much bigger than I thought so it will go perfectly with the sofa bed. I was then trying to work on Kennys cat bed (while I was on the phone to dad) but he kept trying to pad the ball of wool! G came home from his woodwork class with my finished swift whahey!!!! I will wax it tonight and then give it a go with the colinette from earlier in the week.

G and I both gave blood yesterday. He was thru in 30 minutes it took 2 hours for me. This was mostly because they couldn't decide whether they wanted my blood. My pulse rate (normal) is about 38 bpm it always has been and they've taken my blood quite happily. They have a 'new' guideline to say that they shouldn't accept donations if your heart rate is below 60 bpm thus excluding many fit athletic healthy younger people. My BP was also causing them concern (too low) but its always like that anyway. They eventually got their pint from me.

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