Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This week is UFO week, as all my January/February projects need a wee bit of TLC to get them finished. So no more new knitting (except for the mitred squares which don't really count - ask me why another time) until the following are done:

1) Weave in ends of curve of pursuit (1/4 already done) - done
2) Block curve of pursuit and take pictures - done (camera and PC won't talk to one another at mo)
3) Felt Kennys bed -done
4)Weave in ends on dishcloths -done
5)Weave in ends on sari silk squares finished
6) Finish last 14 rows of Klaralund in soft lux - done
7) Seam and block number 6 - done
8) Sew buttons on G's shirt
9)Take up lilac trousers
10)Take up 2 pairs of jeans

but I can plan new knitting .... projects for march:
  • finish sari silk cushion in time for (British) mothers day
  • apron from current interweave knits (in random ribbon yarn from stash)
  • something for my little sisters baby (due easter sunday)
  • aim to use 1kg stash (not counting new additions)

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