Friday, May 28, 2010

Picture Update

I've managed (somehow) to uncorrupt the camera card and can show pics of crafty things Jan - April 2010. Ok and a few kitten pics to cheer Cocoa up. She lost another foetus today but she doesn't seem at all bothered. She's been really purry and clingy all day wanting fuss all the time. It feels a bit like she thinks I'm one of her kitten.
These are Sunny and (An)gus. They were born back in January and went to their lovely new kitten homes a while back.
These are my two nephews D and T

This is the bargello quilt I made from silk for my father's birthday back in January.

Sock 1 - Trekking XXL ans Sirdar Town and Country. Toe up pattern, made up on a whim myself. Now finished still to find the motivation to knit sock 2.

Here is Mermaid. Hanne Falkenberg pattern made from the kit DH gave me. I love this cardigan and can see myself knitting another sometime.

Luminem (from Twist Collective) - having a bit of a sporadic effort on this one. I've modified the pattern to make it top down and am struggling to get the pockets right (and matching!). The photo isn't a good reflection of the colour which is a deep green/blue.

My Mountain wilderness quilt in progress. Haven't made any progress on this in the last few months. Still trying to work out where to go next with it. Should I put some deer next ... or a bothy ... or a stone wall and a field of sheep .... i wish i could make decisions.

Finally a goats cheddar cheese I made a while back. I got 8 litres of goats milk for 80 pence as it was going out of date and then froze it until I was ready. Unfortunately I didn't press it quite hard enough and it suffered from blue mouldiness so we didn't eat it.

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