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After nearly 3 weeks without the internet I thought it was time for a big update. The festive season was fairly quiet. We had a lovely Christmas spent with DH's family in a cottage on the Galloway coast (Port William). The week between Christmas and New Year was spent mostly running and crafting with a few nights out with friends. It was a wonderfully relaxing time.

This was a family photo taken by DH's mum. Its around a memorial to Midge the otter from the book Ring of Bright Water as the author Gavin Maxwell came from the area where we were staying. The beach was nearby about 10 mins walk and it was great going for a paddle in the relatively warm sea. I love doing cartwheels in the sand ...

In my last big update I included a list of plans for the coming couple of months.

1. Top down raglan for DH (and a new hat as he lost his)

Raglan is knit in Jaeger extra fine merino aran and the hat in RYC Cashsoft DK. Both were simple patterns that I made up in my head following along the lines of things I've knitted before.

2. February lady sweater (cardigan) for me (FLS) - in progress

Knitting in Noro Shinano. I love the Gull lace pattern but am a bit worried that it will turn out too big.

3. something lacy (need to dig out pattern books from storage)

Haven't given this much thought just yet

4. Laurel Burch bountiful blessings quilt- Laurel Burch Fanciful felines quilt

Haven't given this much thought yet but the thought of it is very exciting as DH bought the Laurel Burch quilting book for me at Christmas. Its got so many amazing things in it ...

5. Sewn suit

No photos just yet. The fabric I choose was a deep lavender pure wool crepe with Bremsilk lining. The Jacket just needs a tiny sewing error fixed and hemmed. Although I think I might need to face the Peplum rather than hem it to keep it nice and swingy. The trousers need a couple of buttonholes and hemmed. The lacy top is done but I think I might take the lace off and make fabric straps as I don't like the lace I've choosen, its scratchy and a bit OTT!!! I'm hoping to finish the whole thing this sometime this week.

... I got distracted by a few other things not on the list ...

A top down Raglan for myself using my some of my hand dyed wool and wool/silk. Its turned out a fraction big and shapeless towards the bottom of the body but it hasn't been blocked yet ... this hasn't stopped me from wearing it a few times!

Remember this skein of hand dyed and handspun yarn I showed a while back?

Its become my sunset scarf. Its simply moss stitch at the ends and the pattern from a recent Spin Off magazine (can't remember which one). I love the way its turned out.

And some fingerless convertible mittens to match.

I mentioned we've been out running. The weather has been great for it, really cold and crisp with hardly any wind. We did the annual Down by the River race on the 28th Dec. This is a 10km race organsied by the Cambuslang Harriers. It was -2 deg C which made it hard work but still managed not to come last although its the first 10km race DH and I have done for quite a while. I'm going to try and keep a record of my distance run in 2009 as I have no idea what it was in previous years and its the first time I've really run through the winter. So far we've been out twice once in Pollock Park and the the other in Glasgow Green, total distance 7 miles. We also managed a walk up Tinto which is a prominent hill south of Glasgow and a great walk for a short day.
I've dyed my hair again using different (Stargazer) purple and I love it. Its turn out Cadbury Dairy milk purple ... sadly its washing out at the moment ... probably a good thing. Don't think my boss was too impressed yesterday!
I do have plans and ambitions for crafting in 2009. I'd like to focus on something different each month. This would be much easier if we'd have moved as many things I'd like to do are in storage. However I'll make a start. January is going to be baby clothes on the knitting machine (both my good friend Sue and my sister are due in Jan).
The to make progress on list for Jan is:
1. Finish suit
2. FLS
3. Baby knitting on knitting machine
4. Sewn dress
5. Laurel Burch quilt
We'll see how it goes ... I'm determined not to get too distracted. Hopefully next time I'll have pictures of my sewing machine feet (a promise for my sister and anyone else whose sewing machine instructions are in two foreign languages that are completely alien to you ... I think hers are in Chinese and Japanese!) and also some pictures of the cats and my purple hair if DH manages to download the pic from his DSLR. Cocoa has really settled into being a gorgeously affectionate cat these last few months although she's become a real Daddy's girl.
Finally we're in the middle of a big freeze just now so I thought I'd post one of my Jordan pics to provide some virtual warmth (apologies if you're in a warm place).
I give you Purplejen and the camel.

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