Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Projects

Kenny is a little in turmoil at the moment. He doesn't really understand what's going on with the whole moving process. So I let him have a little sleep on the spare bed (this is a big treat for him). He wasn't for showing his face. I think I might get some kitty pheromones (something my vet sister recommended) to calm him down. He's not getting on too well with Cocoa either and prefers to stay out most of the time. .... sigh

I have several biggish projects planned for the next few months (note I'm thinking it might take a while to sell the flat the way the housing market is now) ... BTW we changed agents and the new ones (Allen and Harris) put up the for sale sign on sunday (it was a public holiday weekend here!) ... impressive!


A spinning wheel cover that converts into a carry bag for Kraska (my wheel). I plan to sew/quilt it and was playing with some Ambigrams for the text (Ambigrams read the same both ways up)

Like this one that was designed by the trampoline club captain Jonathen
Here's my wheel. Its going to be a big cover/bag and a big challenge!

See the bobbins on the lazy kate, they're hand dyed and combed cheviot that I need to ply.


This involved an unplanned trip to Mandors. This is a fabulous fabric shop in Glasgow.

Where I found this pattern ...
to make a knitted suit on the knitting machine and the lacy bits as handknitting. There's a knitting machine guru here called Pat who has encouraged me to get a sewing pattern for a fitted suit that recommends crepe or wool fabric and then to knit the pieces required. I hope to blog about this process in detail as there isn't much info out there ...

Finally I spent last night listing loads of aran and sock wool on etsy. This process seemed to take forever. OOH and there's are two large buckets full of cotton, bamboo and soy silk roving etc dyeing in my bath at the moment. I'm hoping for bright jewel colours, but I'm experimenting with a new dyeing method so we'll see.

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