Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Here are the fabric swatches for my spinning wheel cover. They're really bright and cheerful. I've made the two side panels and started piecing the base. I've still to dye the two canvas main panels. In the past I've found patchwork to be a real test of my patience (I'm quite a patient person .... believe me). However I've really enjoyed the few hours I've spent on this project so far.
So I bet you were wondering how long it would be before I started my Noro socks. I resisted until last night. I've decided to knit a variation on the sock pattern from the current spin off magazine. I'm loving the yarn and the colours.

I haven't made any progress on the knitted suit just yet. I'm still deciding on the weight and colour (which shade of purple) of yarn to use.

Finally ... here are the cats in a brief moment of proximity both staring at the magpies in the tree at the end of our garden. Kenny's on the left and Cocoa on the right ... in case the picture is confusing.

There's not been any further progress on the house sale front ... just yet.

But if you're feeling nosy and want to sneak a peek at the pictures from our flat have a look here
There are several fleeces just about concealed under our spare bed. And the wool stash for dyeing is in the 3 "bedside tables" in the main and spare bedroom. The estate agent did well not to get my wheel into any of the pics.

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LUL said...

Looks great!
I am sooo behind on blog-posting. But think I'll go and get some Dahlia photoes right away!