Wednesday, March 19, 2008


  • I've just had one of those eureka moments ...I've thought of a very easy way (I think) to dye yarn with very long colour repeats ... will try it first then I'll spill .... watch this space.
  • Last night I began organising my stash as it has to reduce greatly in size before we move (hopefully) later on in the summer. I have been collecting purple yarn for a while now and was inspired by a demo at the SECC show to try my hand at extreme knitting. So I wound 20 Balls of chunky- aran weight yarn and cast on 28 Stitches on 15mm needles using 20 strands held together. This was the maximum width I could manage on my standard pair of 15mm needles and will be wide enough to make a rug for my spinning wheel, to stop it walking over the floor. I've knitted 15 rows so far and its looking good and the fabric is a substantial thickness and weight. I should get it finished this weekend and then I'll show pics.
  • In case you thought I'd started another thing without finishing the gazillion WIP's I showed yesterday. I finished the magiknit baby jumper and the knitted kimono with 2cm of yarn to spare last night. I'll block these tonight.

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