Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Quick update ...
I've been busy working on the last hurdle of the grant I submitted last september. For the next couple of weeks its fingers crossed.
1. SSS - no pictures for clue 4, but will post some of clue 5 in the next few days.
2.Knitmaster - its cleaned, oiled and I knitted a small tension square with it. Whahey!
I'll post properly tomorrow when all the stress is over.

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Knitted Piper said...

Jen ~ I'm so jealous !!!! I haven't been able to do even that yet with mine ... mind you, I SHOULD probably read the manual and figure out why I can knit one row ok, but when I come back all my stitches come off :S

I also know mine needs a good cleaning .. but again, we're back to reading the manual, and finding the time to figure it all out (have you noticed yet, that I dont have any patience !!)