Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New acquisition

Oh ....I almost forgot to mention my latest moment of madness.

On sunday I was offered a knitting machine from H's parents. An offer which I instantly accepted and then had to somehow explain to DH who was out at the cinema. So I went over to collect it although I didn't know anything about it ... its a Knitmaster 323 (double bed) with ribber and rib transfer attachment, a table for it and several manuals and books etc.

Unfortunately DH wasn't too happy at this extra "clutter" but has calmed down a bit now. I plan to clean and oil it over the next month or so when things quieten down at work I can have a play.


Knitted Piper said...

Jen ~ let me know how you make out. I bought one this past summer, and set it all up. but when I try to cast-on, it doesnt seem to catch all the needles. very frustrating.

I think mine needs cleaning ... plus I need to sit down with the manual and go thru more than just the "how to cast on" instructions !!


lul said...

Tsk tsk tsk shaking my head and smiling ;-)