Thursday, January 17, 2008

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I wound some magic balls up at the weekend for my car knitting to use up some odds and ends without having a purpose for them.
Ball 1 - 300g of chunky wool and wool/acrylic mix
Ball 2 - 4ply cotton which I've plyed up with 3 strands together so its quite chunky (450g)
Ball 3 - random aran odds and ends all less than 30m (125g)
I've started with ball 1 making squares for a felted blanket. This got me thinking about the kureyon squares I've knitted for a mitred square blanket and how I dislike them because they're a little big and floppy. So I've decided (this morning while trying to write a presentation) to be brave and felt them (well a couple at first) to see if I can finally put this blankie together.
For magic ball 2 I'm going to make a couple of larger cloths for cleaning our floors as our household has been disposable cloth and sponge free for the last year.
Ball 3 is going to be more of a challenge as many of the yarns I have no idea as to the fibre content (any suggestions welcome)
For Pay it forward (PIF) I'm going to spoil the knitted squirrel, the knitted piper and Vonnie. This going to be lots of fun, so far I've decided what to make for the knitted piper but its a bit of a crazy idea which might not work ... and it might take a while.
It's great to see all those SSS's coming along. This week was a gentle clue to allow everyone to catch up ... but SSS is a bit like the fairground ride I enjoyed last saturday. It eased you in gently and then when into crazy spins on 3 axes. Ok ... I exaggerate SSS isn't going to be too much like this (but then I LOVE teasing!)
Next time ... I'll flash my vintage stash, post the meme that Vonnie tagged me for and talk a bit about wool combing.

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Knitted Piper said...

Jen ~ ok, I have to ask ... I've seen this term before ... what is a "magic ball" ?? there is even a group on Ravelry for it.


p.s. you have me VERY intrigued