Friday, October 12, 2007

Where to begin?

Remember last thurs LUL left me a comment to say she'd been to the post office and she's been teasing me for a while before. Well I'd resigned myself to a long wait with the postal strike nearly all week. Then yesterday I had a REALLY crappy day (Grrrr!) and came home to find the postman had been ... and not brought all the mail that was posted before the strike but a parcel for me from Denmark. YIPPEE!
(this is where I have a bit of a dilemma, I can never decide where to share publicly on the blog first and then write an email or the other way round. I've chosen to write here first ... thank you so much this felt like I was unwrapping a big warm hug) .
Once again there were lovely stamps, ones with a glider on it and more crocuses. (I've been collecting stamps since I was 5 years old).
WOW ... so many goodies .... where to begin.
... each one had a note on it with a little clue. I decided to save a couple as it wasn't frosty and I hadn't time to start something crazy (but I will have tonight!)

I looked at them all for a while before I couldn't resist opening some yarn. Special hand dyed yarn in a Jen colourway dyed by Lene herself. This is awesome, I LOVE the colour and the yarn. It complements one of my knitted jumpers perfectly. It wants to become a Churro type hat ... I spent so long holding it that DH commented on it only being a ball of wool. WOW!

look at the lovely purpleness ...

I knew that something would involve being patient ... mystery bulbs for next spring ... This is really exciting. I know I haven't blogged much about my garden but last week I dug up all the root veg as the slugs were getting at the potatoes and now I have an empty space where I shall plant these and look forward to seeing what they become.

... then another squidy surprise that is more yarn for the thistle. This makes my decision for the thistle easier. I've seen a finished one on ravelry here . I'm going to carry on with the pattern for another 30 rows at least before edging even if she comes out on the big side.
Finally ...a present for Kenny ... a catnip mouse ... we're probably getting a sister for Kenny ... or rather a female kitten might be finding itself our way in the next week or so .... so it gave him an excuse to behave all kitteny!

He loves his purple mouse!

THANKS A MILLION ... I know its been said before but its fantastic to have a friend like you!


LUL said...

Glad it finally arrived :-) I look forward to see what you make of the merino -it was fun to do a bit of dyeing again and a challenge to make purple.
It sure looks like Kenny is having a great time, I am so jealous that you are getting a second cat. I so wish DH wasn't allergic.

Anonymous said...

That yarn is to die for gorgeous!