Thursday, October 11, 2007

We went hillwalking on Sunday near Rannoch station (where incidentally they were filming the new Harry Potter movie so we saw the steam train going backwards and forwards along a couple of miles of railway line). DH had gone for a longer walk and I returned to the car because I had a bad blister. I sat for about an hour in the sunshine on our picnic blanket knitting waiting for dh to return. A car pulled up and an elderly gentlemen and two ladies got out. The gent came up to me and in a really posh voice said "That is really the most bizarre sight I've ever seen, would you mind if I took a photograph of you doing your crochet" ... I could tell that he didn't approve!

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Anonymous said...

What a weird thing for him to say! My other half's been wanting to take my eldest up North on the steam train but he hasn't managed it yet. One of these days!