Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Time for lots of pictures ....

Its autumn time to dig out those handknitted cardigans ... here is Butterfly.

This is an amazing handspun Shetland shawl on display in the National Museum of Scotland

I tidied out our big non-fiction bookcase and can report that there are more books about climbing than knitting although the climbing ones are generally smaller.

Here's my handyeing attempts from the last couple of weeks ....

This is the jumperweight from which I was hoping to knit Mermaid. I will either use (from left to right) skeins 2,4,6 or 2,4,5 or 4,5,6.This is some dk merino for gloves (124g)
This is for some more blanket squares its a huge 400g undyed cone that I got for £1. I was trying to get heathery colours and am pleased with this.
Not so happy with these. These are my attempts at logwood dyeing. The left hand skeins were a pale green colour and are now dark blue and the right hand were handspun from one of my spinning acquaintances, I like the colour but the wool is a little brittle which suggests that my pinch of tin mordant was too much (sigh).

Fleece (Scotch mule)
Fleece (Texel)
Fleece (Cheviot)
Fleece (BFL)

Fleece (random odds and ends for playing with)

Now for spinning ...

Hand dyed fleece (Scotch mule) handspun ... very overtwisted like wire.

Hand dyed handspun #2 (the one I was talking about yesterday) I was playing with a small amount of reds and oranges for a change. I'm really pleased with this and am spinning a matching purple now to make myself a new hat.

These are the yarns I plyed to get something usable. From left to right ... sari silk/boucle (1 strand ss to 2 boucle), three strand boucle, hipknits silk that keeps breaking with boucle (now not breaking) and hipknits silk/mohair. I have a few ideas for these ... watch this space.

Here is thistle ... she's nearly the right size and then to edging woes!
Hope that was fun .....

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LUL said...

Wow you have been busy. The thistle looks great and so does all the dyeing. I especially like the brue-grey fleece.