Monday, October 01, 2007

Are you sitting comfortably .... then I won't begin. I'm back properly now with time and energy to devote to the things I enjoy in life (which includes my job when the deadline isn't tomorrow). I'm looking forward to more regular blogging and exploring ravelry (I'm ... surprise ... surprise purplejen).

I had a great time away although we really didn't do that much. I have lots to tell and show (except I didn't pick up my camera ... pictures tomorrow).

What have I been up to?

Visited the National museum of Scotland, Royal Museum and National gallery in Edinburgh, the Museum of transport in Glasgow and spent a day at the Wigton Book Festival (saw Louis de Bernieres).

Dyeing: Got about 3kg of yarn dyed and another 4kg of fleece

Spinning: Have 100g of hand dyed/handspun (1ply handyed Scotch mule/1 ply undyed Shetland) to play with for making a hat. Its a bit orange for me but am spinning up some more purple to go with it. I've taken all the yarn in my stash that I have "issues" with and plyed them together with interesting and usable results. This includes a sari silk/boucle, a silk/boucle and silk/mohair.

Knitting: Thistle is still underway, I'm up to round 115 and its taking about 45 minutes to knit each pattern round, so I'm averaging 5 rounds per week. I'm hoping to finish her before mid october as I have a few things coming up where I would like to wear her. The hundertwasser socks are taking forever but I'm on the home straight. I've started my Christmas knitting but that's going slowly too!

Finally I've been tagged by LUL
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I'll need to give this some thought ....

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