Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some more pictures ...

This is the result after another stint of edging .... I've done 26/32 repeats or 82% of the edging pattern.

Can't wait to finish her and see what she's like after blocking
Finally here's a glimpse of the goodies that were in my parcel from my SP11 Lou


LUL said...

Your thistle looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it blocked.

natalie said...

Oh WOW!!
That shawl is sooo pretty.


Frau Holda said...

It's beautiful. What yarn and needle size are you using? This is Balmoral, from Marianne Kinzel? Are you modifying the pattern?

Della said...

OH MY GOSH !!! I was gobb-smacked when I saw how lovely it's turning out.

do you mind me asking if the pattern is available to be passed on, or if you could share what book you got it from? I'd really appreciate it.


Elsie said...

Jen, your thistle shawl is beautiful. Can you tell me where the pattern is available.