Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Handspun 300g 2ply (50% hand dyed Scotch mule/ 50% Shetland)Bravely knitted without swatching as Aran on 4.5mm needles to make a hat and on 3.75mm needles as dk to make fingerless gloves. Both fit perfectly and are reasonably soft and definately unique!

I had plans to pose with my winter coat on but only finished seaming in the car this morning so my office had to pose instead!

I have another 150g left to knit a matching (?) scarf.

Otherwise I've very nearly finished the hundertwasser socks (just about 2cm of cuff left to knit) and am still undecided about thistle. I've looked at literally hundreds of edgings and still can't make up my mind!


Anonymous said...

I love that! It looks more vibrant knitted up too :)

LUL said...

Looks great! And the weather definately is for hat and gloves here so iy probably is in Scotland too.
Opened a parcel yesterday-thanks for the beautiful card!!