Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Here's the latest ...

I LOVE MY OPTIONS .... they're perfect for lace and mohair ...even better than all my favourite needles put together ... why did I wait so long? ... I've just ordered the longer cable (150cm) so that I can show you her properly . Knitted 4 rounds last night in about an hour which is much faster than on the addi's where the mohair kept catching the end of the needle.

I forgot to mention this yesterday but I wanted to say a big "HOORAY" to DH. He ran the Great Scottish Run (half marathon) on sunday in under 2 hours and was still in one piece. I'm so proud of him, he's been sensible about his training this time and his knees have survived!

Also wanted to mention our other blog (dh has done most of the writing so far). Its mostly book reviews of books he's read in the last 6 months or so and some 'travel writing'. I plan to butt in a bit more with non-crafty things every now and again especially as I'm getting over my phobia of non-scientific writing.


LUL said...

Wow, she's looking great. How big is she by now? Is it addi turbo or addi lace you used to use? Can't wait for them to arrive!
And congrats to DH! I am still struggling with the 5km ;-)
Had a look in the other blog and actually found one book I have read (or heard) too -The Pompeii one. I somewhere have pictures from when I visited Pompeii way back.

LUL said...

Just noticed the academic knits. Sounds interesting -but then I'd have to start babbeling about my work and how much fun is that!!??