Monday, September 03, 2007

Thistle Shawl progress .....

This is one of the many 'weeds' in the garden ....

Here she is. I'm up to the 31st round with no mistakes. Generally once I get past the 25th round of a circular lace project I'll stick with it as I can see enough of the pattern to 'read' the lace. I'm really enjoying knitting this pattern as so far every round has been different, the yarn is lovely and I've wanted to make this for soooo long.

Hundertwasser 'Der Blaue Mond' socks, sock #1 nearly finished. I've decided to make these socks a Christmas present for my mother.

Went to see the sheepie man, he wasn't there but his mate was. So I now have a BFL and a Shetland fleece to play with. Spot dh's slippers? He came to guard me from one of our very talkative neighbours (was in the middle of making bread and didn't need distracted)!

Shetland (see the unusual colour)

Finally purplejen has Options, they arrived this morning from Getknitted. I got two circular needles and two interchangeables to see what they're like. So far I've had a quick go with some sock yarn and think they're fab. The cord is PURPLE!!!! I think I'll stick to the Denises for the larger sizes and will order another circular and a couple more pairs of tips. They look like they'll be great for lace. Will transfer the thistle shawl over tonight and have a play.

I haven't blogged much about my new wheel ... there is a little progress ... more later on this week

Finally ... two questions for you (if anyone gets the first one right I'll pop something in the post to them)

1. I have a new nickname. Can you guess what it is? (Clue knitting and something else I enjoy = garment)

2. I had a conversation on friday with one of my friends and can't stop thinking about this since. Should I dye some or all my hair purple? I've done it before but not for 8 years, also I currently have 6 weeks or so where I don't have to look too respectable for anything. My hair is a mid to dark blonde.

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LUL said...

You lucky thing, I am still waiting for my needles. Look forward to hear about them -but I guess you are severly biased -I mean, how can you say anything bad about purple needles!!?
As for your questions:
1: it isn't fair, word puzzles are really difficult for someone not speaking english on a daily basis. I'll have to think....hmmm...
2: As long as you don't have to post pictures with your grant applications and DH doesn't start getting nightmares ;-) I know the feeling when you want to do something wild and crazy.
But it takes more than 6 weeks to regrow doesn't it? *lol*
The thistle looks great!!