Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today is not a good day ...

Its 3.15pm and I've just had my lunch ... had a manic couple of days!

Seriously ... saw the dermatologist for the first time since leaving hospital this morning, showed him my much improved leg and he told me to cancel my holiday to the Grand Canyon (we were meant to fly next thursday and I did mention this the last time I saw him) and not to fly long haul for 6 months!

DH and I are absolutely gutted as we've not had a proper holiday in sooo long but I'd rather not risk reinfection and it gives me an extra 10 days to finish writing a big proof of concept grant application that I only started yesterday. I've spoken with my boss and have arranged a week off at the end of September (to either go cycling on Orkney and Shetland or climbing in Cornwall) and still have two weeks to take before the end of the year. Not sure when this will happen as I am waiting to find out the dates I've been allocated for 2 days neutron scatting (which may sound boring but is VERY EXCITING).
Knitting wise I've been busy. (photos tomorrow)
1. Have made a proper start on the thistle shawl from. It always takes me ages to get a nice tidy middle to a circular shawl. First attempt crochet cast on ..... ended up after at least 20 others going back to this and have got perfection! I'm up to 23rd round now having changed needles 3 times and ripped back 3 rows because somehow (?!) I'd knitted a stitch marker into the knitting.
2. DH took me to the cinema to see a truly awful rom com ... in fact it was quite traumatic and I was glad I'd picked up some knitting. I've had some of my handyed New Lanark wool lying in the car for ages with only 4 rows knitted because I wasn't sure of the colour (pink, grey, purple and green). So for 140 minutes of film I knitted on a bag (for my Denise needles) without being able to see the colours. I love the way its turning out!
3. Last week in a rush I grabbed one of my holiday sock projects just to start while I was waiting for someone. All I would say is that its the first time I've knitted in an exam before (my rescheduled trampoline club coach exam). Its Opal hundertwasser 'Der Blaue Mond' ... I wasn't too sure about this (the wool was a present) but I LOVE the way its turning out!
.... more tomorrow and replies to emails.
(GRR ... does anyone else have problems formatting paragraphs on blogger?)

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LUL said...

Oh no!!!!! So sorry to hear that you had to cancel your trip :-( Like you say, it's better to be safe than sorry, -but still....

I too am pretty often fed up with blogspot. I have totally given up doing anything but centered pictures.

Look forward to see what you have been doing knittingwise.